PrimeBit - the Ultimate Cryptocurrency Contracts Trading Platform

Profit from the changing bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin prices.
Do you own cryptocurrency? You can hedge your long positions with leveraged P2P contracts.

PrimeBit WebTrader is the most accessible cryptocurrency contracts platform.

  • Set your leverage from 1x to 200x
  • Buy or Sell contracts that are available in the order book
  • Set pending orders, add liquidity to the order book and earn an additional percentage of the transaction value immediately - maker fee
  • Trade simple perpetual contracts and earn $0.01 every time the value changes by 1 Satoshi (0.00000001 BTC)

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High and adjustable leverage

With PrimeBit, you can trade leveraged contracts. Adjust the margin accordingly to the size of your deposit and trade aggressiveness.

Margin trading allows you to make huge profit without investing big money. It’s possible thanks to the leverage, which makes it possible to open a market position that’s many times higher than the deposit.

Here’s how it works. With a 50x leverage and $100 deposit, you can make an order worth $5000. Use PrimeBit trade calculator to estimate your profit or loss for an exact trade you want to make.

Use low and high leverage when needed

Margin trading has its risks. If you are trading with a 100x account and the market goes against you, your funds may evaporate quickly. Even if you prove to be right predicting the longer trends, you may be knocked out of your position.

With PrimeBit your risk is capped even if you are trading with 200x leverage. The downside of your positions is limited by the size of your deposit, while the upside is often unlimited.

PrimeBit offers quick transfers and no minimum deposits, so there’s a lot of room to come up with different strategies.

High maximum leverage is always good. Why? Because it’s optional. PrimeBit offers the maximum 200x leverage across the board - on all trading assets. However, you can freely adjust the leverage. You may play it safe with 1x, but you may also make orders with 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 150x, and 200x.

Adjustable leverage opens unlimited trading possibilities.

You can hedge your long-term positions with leveraged trades that go the other way.

You can make high profit fast, even when the markets are stagnant.

PrimeBit offers you the highest maximum leverage for P2P cryptocurrency contracts. Here’s the comparison.


BTCUSD max leverage: 200x on PrimeBit vs. 100X on Bitmex

The biggest cryptocurrency is also dominating the futures market.

Only on PrimeBit it is possible to trade BTCUSD and BTCUSDT with 200x leverage. You can open a position worth $200,000 with just a 100$.

The competition offers you much less. At Binance you can trade with 125x leverage, at BitMEX and Deribit the maximum leverage is just 100x leverage, while Kraken offers 50x leverage.

ETHUSD max leverage: 200x on PrimeBit vs. 100X on Bitmex

PrimeBit is consistent and gives you an opportunity to trade contracts on any cryptocurrency with a maximum leverage of 200x. While the competition changes the rules with every altcoin.

We give you 200x on ETHUSD and ETHUSDT.

Binance does not support high-leverage trading for ethereum. The platform cuts it to mere 100x. At the same time the other exchanges - BitMEX, Kraken, and Derbit would allow their users to trade ETHUSD with just a 50x leverage.

LTCUSD max leverage: 200x on PrimeBit vs. 100X on Bitmex

The competitors go south when it comes to margin trading trading litecoin contracts. While PrimeBit gives you an opportunity to open a position 200x greater than your depo, they lag even more behind.

Kraken offers just 50x leverage, BitMEX 33x, and the others offer no leverage on litecoin at all.

The max leverage of different cryptocurrency futures platforms, data from October 25, 2019

Optional High Leverage is a Great Feature

You don’t need to use the highest leverage all the time. Many PrimeBit traders - both beginners and veterans - go for a reasonable 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x levels. You should do it at the beginning, and when implementing your main trading strategy. Using too strong leverage will often knock you out of the position even if you predict the price movement correctly.

On the other hand, the best traders would open high-risks and high-reward positions with the highest leverage. The risk of loss is capped by the account’s deposit, at the same time high leverage will let you multiply your depo quickly, if you’re right.

If you are looking for a P2P cryptocurrency mercantile exchange it’s smart to choose the one that gives you the choice of trading with 200x leverage.That’s why over 500,000 traders globally have chosen PrimeBit platform.

PrimeBit is a clear winner in the market. We provide the highest maximum leverage across the board.

We are the only futures exchange where you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin with a 200x leverage.

Make huge profits risking little money.

Here’s an example of how it works. Let’s say you make a "BUY" order for two Bitcoins at $8,700. Normally, you’d have to deposit 2 x $8,700 = $17,400.

Trading with PrimeBit you may buy a contract worth $17,400 with just a $87 deposit. That’s how 200x leverage works. Now the best part. Let’s say in the next two weeks the price goes up 5% to $9135. This is enough for you to make 1000% profit and earn $870.

That’s why platforms such as PrimeBit are so attractive. There are no limits to the traders’ profits as far as they are on the right side of the market.

No delay and the highest availability

This is big. We want contracts trading to be fair. This means that every user should be treated equally. That’s why we focus on providing no delays and the highest availability in every place in the world.

PrimeBit is flawless.

The benchmarks indicate PrimeBit has the lowest latency in the market. We achieved it by building a high-performance engine. To construct it we used the best software technology avai. We guarantee the fastest execution time and no delay

Choosing PrimeBit, you can be calm. No system failures will affect your trading strategy execution.

Finally, when choosing the best crypto futures platform to promote, go for the one that's growing fast. PrimeBit has just gone viral. The platform attracted 4,000 active traders in only two months without big marketing spendings. Traders are recommending the product to each other as they want more liquidity. You can do the same using a personal referral link that will secure you up to 20% lifetime revenue share for every transaction that is ever made from an account created after clicking your link.

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