Earn & Trade - trade with staked funds

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Earn and trade

Earn & Trade - new way of crypto trading

What is PrimeBit Earn & Trade?

Power of staking and trading combined
You can stake your funds and receive passive income while retaining the possibility to trade with staked funds.
Say goodbye to frozen funds!
There’s no more freezing your assets, they’re at your hand all the time. Whenever you feel like trading, just use your staked funds to do so.
Accumulated interest
With daily appreciation your funds grow faster and are paid out directly into your staking account. Give it a bit of time and experience a snowball effect.

Earn & Trade - enjoy the benefits of staking and trading!

Stake your cryptocurrency: ETH, TRX or BNB.
Receive daily rewards that will add to your staking balance.
Trade with staked funds and multiply your earnings!

How to start
Earn & Trade?

Join PrimeBit
If you don’t have an account yet sign up. If you’re already with us just log in.
Deposit funds
Transfer your funds to the PrimeBit wallet. You’ll find it fast & easy thanks to the many payment options.
Stake & trade
Transfer ETH, TRX or BNB to the account and trade with your staked funds. They’re not frozen, and you can easily multiply your staked amount.


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Часто задаваемые вопросы

01 What is staking?
Staking is the process of holding or "staking" cryptocurrencies in a wallet or on a network to support the operations of that network. Staking is often used as a way to help secure a blockchain network and validate transactions. In a proof-of-stake (PoS) system, stakers are selected to validate transactions based on the amount of cryptocurrency they have staked. The more tokens a user stakes, the higher the chance they have of being selected to validate transactions and earn rewards.
02 How much can I make by staking coins?
In short, you can earn up to 5.5% staking ETH (Ethereum), 5% staking BNB (Binance coin), 4.5% staking TRX (Tron coin).
Generally speaking, the more tokens that a user stakes and the longer the staking period, the greater the potential rewards. It is important to note, however, that staking rewards are not guaranteed and can be affected by factors such as network congestion, market volatility, and changes in network protocol.
03 How does staking work in PrimeBit?
Here is a general overview of how staking works in PrimeBit:
1. The user acquires tokens of the cryptocurrency they wish to stake, ETH, BNB, or TRX.
2. The user transfers those tokens to a trading account.
3. Tokens maintained on the trading account are automatically staked.
4. The user's tokens are used to validate transactions on the network and support the operations of the network.
5. In exchange for staking their tokens, the user earns rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency.
6. The user can withdraw staked coins from trading account at any time and cease staking
04 Can I use staked coins for margin trading?
At any time, you have the flexibility to utilize your staked funds for trading purposes, enabling you to simultaneously enhance the amount of funds being staked.
05 How often are staking rewards distributed?
Your staking rewards are computed daily, and are distributed to your trading account at the end of each calendar month.

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